What do you do if you have been injured on the job?

  • Call 911 in a serious medical emergency
  • Report your injury to your supervisor immediately
  • Your supervisor must complete a Vermont State Employee's Workers' Compensation Report online as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours following the injury.  Your completed report will be transmitted to PMA. An adjuster from PMA will be contacting you to discuss the claim.
  • Call or email Risk Management  to discuss any safety concerns who will discuss with PMA's loss control department for follow up.

Who should report the injury?

An online first report of injury must be filled out by the injured employee’s supervisor.  Supervisors will receive guidance from Risk Management or the Department of Human Resources representative assigned to his/her agency or department on how to submit the form, up until the time at which he/she is comfortable doing so without assistance.

When should an injury be reported?

Any work-related incident should be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours following the injury.

How do I report an injury?

Before submitting a claim, please read the attached instructions, in order to log in to the site.

State Employee work-related injuries should now be reported on-line through the PMA's secure website. click here.

Is the VT Dept of Labor (VDOL) first report of injury (form 1) still required?

You do not need to complete a VDOL First Report of Injury (Form 1) except to use as a reference for reporting the claim online. click here.

Am I required to see a designated medical provider for my first visit?

Yes, for a list of designated medical providers, click here.

Telemed procedures can be found here: Telemed Procedures

Under Vermont Department of Labor's Workers' Compensation Rule 4.110, an employer may designate the treating health provider to initially treat an injured employee immediately following a compensable injury.