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Contacts for the Office of Workers' Compensation

NOTE: This page applies to State of Vermont employees, only. If you are not a state employee, please contact the Vermont Department of Labor, Workers' Compensation Division at: (802) 828-4000.

Workers' Compensation (for State Employees Only)
109 State Street, 3rd floor
Montpelier, Vermont 05609-3100
Phone: (802) 522-2179
Fax: (802) 828-0410

Risk Management 

Director of Operations

Rebecca M. White, J.D.
Phone: (802) 793-5347

Administrative Services Manager

Julie Roth

Phone: (802) 917-8168

Administrative Services Coordinator

Breanna Reynolds

Phone: (802) 522-2179

CorVel Team


 Claims Supervisor:

        Lindseigh Picard - 315-748-7046


CorVel Claims Adjusters

Lost Time Adjusters:

            Bethany Hobbs – 315-413-7976


            Brittany Callahan – 315-883-3606



Medical/Report Only Adjuster

           Lori Falabella 315-413-7975



Provider Support:

Phone: 800-346-6333


Send All Medical Bills to:

CorVel Corporation

PO Box 6966

Portland, OR 97228

Fax: 888.851.9190



Workplace Safety and Loss Control Services

Please contact Breanna Reynolds with workplace safety and loss control services questions and requests.