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About the Agency of Administration (AoA)

The Agency of Administration (AoA) is comprised of the Office of the Secretary, Central Office Divisions and Departments that provide administrative and supportive services to all Vermont state government agencies and departments, as well as Vermont taxpayers and citizens. With primary responsibilities related to human resources, revenues, accounting and budget management, physical plant, contracting, general and informational services, the AoA promotes the effective and efficient coordination of state programs and services by responding to changing administrative, policy and fiscal environments, while ensuring transparency and accountability of, and value for, public tax dollars. 

Mission: To provide responsive and centralized support services to the employees of all agencies and departments of state government so they may deliver services to Vermonters in an efficient, effective and fiscally prudent manner.

Goals: The Agency of Administration ensures the uniform and consistent functioning of state government through the provision of centralized support services for all components of state government and its employees. We strive to consistently deliver better and more responsive services to both our internal customers and the citizens of Vermont, at the lowest possible costs, while carrying out the policy objectives of the Governor and the laws of Vermont.

The Agency of Administration is comprised of:

As principal administrative aide to the Governor, the Secretary of Administration issues general policy requirements through administrative memoranda and bulletins to implement executive orders and legislative mandates applicable to the executive branch of state government. The Secretary convenes and chairs the Governor’s Cabinet, coordinates the budget and appropriations testimony to the General Assembly and manages the Agency of Administration. The Secretary also directs the collective bargaining processes on behalf of all state agencies for the approximately 8,150 executive branch state employees and works to promote and enhance staff development training and the overall well-being of the state’s workforce.

The Office of the Secretary of Administration is located in the historic Pavilion Building in beautiful Montpelier, Vermont's State Capital City. 

Organization Charts

Agency Financial Services Division

Chief Performance Office

The Office of Racial Equity

The Office of Risk Management

The Office of the Secretary of Administration

State Recovery Office