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Health Equity Advisory Commission

The Health Equity Advisory Commission is advisory to the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont General Assembly. 

Vermont State Statue References:


  1. "Promote health equity and eradicate health disparities among Vermonters, including particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color; individuals who are LGBTQ; and individuals with disabilities.'
  2. "Amplify the voices of impacted communities regarding decisions made by the State that impact health equity, whether in the provision of health care services or as the result of social determinants of health.”
  3. "Provide strategic guidance on the development of the Office of Health Equity, including recommendations on the structure, responsibilities, and jurisdiction of such an office.”

Meetings - Click here for meetings, agendas, and minutes

The Health Equity Advisory Commission meets regularly, and strives to make meetings accessible to members of the public.

Information Center - Click here for reports, data, and external sources

The Health Equity Advisory Commission tracks and analyzes relevant data impacting health outcomes.

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The HEAC is a public body that values community input, especially from members of communities that historically have been marginalized or oppressed.


Below are the current members of the Health Equity Advisory Commission and the entities they represent (listed in the order in which they are listed in the enabling statute)

  1. Xusana Davis, SOV - Office of Racial Equity
  2. Song Nguyen, SOV - Department of Health
  3. Kheya Ganguly, SOV - Department of Mental Health
  4. Monica White, SOV - Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living
  5. Alex McCracken, SOV - Department of Health Access
  6. Rachel Edens, SOV - Department of Children & Families
  7. Patrick Scheld, SOV - Department of Housing and Community Development
  8. Brett Long, SOV - Department of Economic Development
  9. Justin Kenney, SOV - Chief Performance Officer
  10. Monica Hutt, SOV - Chief Prevention Officer
  11. Mark Hughes, Racial Justice Alliance
  12. Patricia Johnson, NAACP – Rutland Area
  13. Steffen Gillom, NAACP – Windham
  14. Thato Ratsebe, Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV)
  15. Kell Arbor, Pride Center of Vermont
  16. Amanda Rohdenburg, Outright Vermont
  17. Abel Luna, Migrant Justice
  18. HB Lozito, Out in the Open
  19. Ericka Reil, Another Way Community Center
  20. Annette Denio, Psychiatric Survivors Network
  21. Sarah Launderville, Center for Independent Living
  22. Rich Holschuh, Abenaki – Elnu band
  23. Lucy Neel, Abenaki – Nulhegan band
  24. Andrea Brett, Abenaki – Koasek band
  25. Joanne Crawford, Abenaki – Misisquoi band
  26. Jeff Benay, SOV - Commission on Native American Affairs
  27. Lehana Guyette, Green Mountain Self Advocates
  28. Kirsten Murphy, SOV - Developmental Disabilities Council
  29. Sandi Yandow, Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health