Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How do I report a claim?

Claim forms are located in the “Forms” section of this website.  Use the Automobile Liability claim report form for auto claims and the General Liability Claim form for non-auto related claim reports.  You may also report liability claims directly to risk management  at 802-828-2899 during regular business hours. Risk management will forward the claims to PMA.

2.       What should I expect after submitting a claim?

The liability adjuster from PMA will contact you to request any additional information needed to assess the claim. Information will be gathered as needed (i.e.: police reports, medical reports, witness statements, appraisals of damages).  If liability is not accepted, a denial letter will be sent out explaining the reason for the denial.

3.       How do I request a certificate of insurance?

Send a request by e-mail to Bill Duchac with the following information: name of entity requesting the certificate (the certificate holder), the street address, any specific contact information (to the attention of).