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The Agency of Administration (AoA) is comprised of departments that provide administrative and supportive services to all Vermont state government agencies and departments.  With primary responsibilities related to human resources, revenues and budget management, physical plant and IT infrastructure, and contracting and general services, the AoA promotes the effective and efficient coordination of state programs and services by responding to changing administrative, policy and fiscal environments, while ensuring transparency and accountability of and value for public tax dollars.  Additionally, through the Departments of Taxes and Libraries, the services provided by the AoA directly impact all Vermonters.


As principal administrative aide to the Governor, the Secretary of Administration issues general policy requirements through administrative memoranda and bulletins to implement executive orders and legislative mandates applicable to the executive branch of state government.  The Secretary convenes and chairs the Governor's Cabinet, coordinates the budget and appropriations testimony to the General Assembly and manages the Agency of Administration.  The Secretary also directs the collective bargaining processes on behalf of all state agencies for the approximately 7,600 executive branch state employees and works to promote and enhance staff development training and the overall well being of the state’s workforce.



To provide responsive and centralized support services to the employees of all agencies and departments of state government so they may deliver services to Vermonters in an efficient, effective and fiscally prudent manner.



The Agency of Administration ensures the uniform and consistent functioning of state government through the provision of centralized support services for all components of state government and its employees.  We strive to consistently deliver better and more responsive services to both our internal customers and the citizens of Vermont, at the lowest possible costs, while carrying out the policy objectives of the Governor and the laws of Vermont.


Current Initiatives

Through the Director of Health Care Reform, the AoA is responsible for the coordination of health care system reform efforts among executive branch agencies, departments, and offices and for coordinating with the Green Mountain Care Board.

Working with the Chief of Connect Vermont, the AoA is charged with formulating and implementing an action plan to accomplish the goals of universal availability of broadband and mobile telecommunications services by the end of calendar year 2013.

As we continue our Irene recovery efforts, the AoA is coordinating the work of many agencies and departments across state government as we respond to the needs of municipalities and rebuilding the State’s infrastructure. 

The Agency of Administration has embarked on the ERP Expansion Project to upgrade the State’s Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials (VISION) systems.  HCM is a tool used by the State to manage human resource related activity and VISION serves as the basis for our accounting system. 


Along with the Secretary's Office, the Agency of Administration includes the following departments:


Buildings and General Services:  Provides the facilities and services required for all state agencies and departments to accomplish their missions. Building construction and renovation, buildings and grounds maintenance and custodial services as well as the security of state facilities constitute the department’s primary responsibilities.


Finance and Management:  Works to promote the efficient and effective operations related to the State of Vermont's finances by coordinating the Governor's budget recommendations, delivering reliable financial information, advocating for responsible use of taxpayer dollars, and supporting the State's accounting system.


Financial Services: Provides timely accounting services for all Departments within the Agency of Administration and beyond.  This includes the processing of all vendor payments, billings to all customers, cash deposits, management of fixed and capital assets, payroll and expense reimbursements, and all monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.


Human Resources:  Provides leadership to, and works in partnership with, other departments within State Government in order to promote managerial and workforce excellence while fostering an understanding and observance of regulatory requirements.


Information and Innovation:  Directs and oversees all activities directly related to information technology within state government, including telecommunications services, information technology equipment, software, accessibility, and network connectivity.


Libraries:  Collects, organizes, and disseminates information and library materials in a variety of formats to the three branches of State government, libraries statewide, the general public, and Vermonters with special needs.


Risk Management:  Operates as the adjuster for liability claims against the State.  Also develops and assesses the premiums to fund the two self-insurance funds for the State; workers’ compensation and liability.  Manages all commercial insurance policies purchased by the State covering state operations.  Certificates of insurance are requested through this office as well.


Taxes:  Collects, organizes, and disseminates information and library materials in a variety of formats to the three branches of State government, libraries statewide, the general public, and Vermonters with special needs.


Workers’ Compensation & Injury Prevention:  Provides workers’ compensation coverage through the State’s self-insurance program for Vermont State Government employees who are injured on the job. Processes Workers’ compensation claims filed by injured state-workers.  Also assists state agencies and departments to promote safe work environments through training and on-site consultation. Provides program reviews, on-site consultations, and ergonomic training, with particular emphasis placed on policies, programs, and procedures that promote workplace safety and accident prevention.


Monthly Revenue Reports

The Secretary of Administration issues a monthly press release pertaining to the current status of the State's General, Education and Transportation Fund revenues.  These reports include the actual revenues reported for the current fiscal month and year to date, as of the press release date. Click here for current and previous monthly revenue reports.

Scheduled Public Meetings 

The Secretary of Administration, with assistance from the Department of Libraries, compiles a weekly listing of all public hearings and meetings scheduled by all executive branch state agencies, departments, boards and commissions. Click here for the current list of public meetings.

Budget Documents

Click here for link to Joint Fiscal Office


Office of Economic Stimulus and Recovery

PeopleSoft Enterprise (ERP) Expansion Project