Who should you call with questions?

Barbara Watson
AP ONLY for Fee For Space, Prop Man, VICD, Engineering, Purchasing & all Utilities

Kara Mayo
Finance & Management, Sec. of Admin; BGS Admin. (Commissioner's office) AP/AR for Risk Management, Fleet
Statewide Purchasing Card Administrator (secondary contact)

Nathalie Browning
AR for DHR, Unemployment Comp, FFS Back Charges
AP for DHR, E911; Customer Number Requests; AR for Federal/State Surplus; LT Governor; Catamount Health

Connie Churchill
AR ONLY for Copy Center, Property Management
Payroll/Expenses for All Departments in Agency of Administration
AP/AR (backup only) for ADS (secondary contact)
Statewide Purchasing Card Administrator (secondary contact); Equipment Revolving Fund, SRMRF; SERF & AP/AR Purchasing Card

Whitney Tucker
AP for Tax, Capital Construction,  AP/AR for Libraries
AP Property Management; AP Ethics Commission; HRC

Stephanie Fuller
Statewide Administrator State Purchasing Card Program (primary contact)
Primary contact for all departments within the Agency of Administration
ALL Departments in Agency please contact me if you are unable to reach the appropriate person.