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Safety Training - NEW!

PMA offers a full range of online safety training programs through their partner ResourceNow. PMA classroom based courses can also be assigned and tracked on this website. We are confident you will find these courses relevant, timely and applicable to your job.

This online training system is accessed via a different website than the SOV's LINC, which contains all workplace training and is the system of record for employee training. Risk Management will send training records and certificates from this site to SOV LINC on a monthly basis, so records of all employee training will be kept at one place on SOV LINC.

SOV's LINC is the Learning Management System (LMS) for employee training records on all work related topics. The Agency of Transportation's (AOT) safety training center is Vtrans Training Center. The Vermont State Police's (VSP) training center is the Office of Professional Development. The Department of Correction's (DOC) safety training center is Vermont Correctional Academy. The Office of Risk Management's ResourceNOW training system is meant to complement the trainings offered by AOT, VSP and DOC for their employees. If you work for those departments, please follow the directives of your safety officers, supervisors, managers and/or directors before signing up for safety courses through ResourceNOW.

Cost: Free! The Office of Risk Management pays for the cost of training.

The link to the website for on-line workplace safety training through PMA and ResourceNOW is, which is here.

The following documents are available by clicking the links:

An overview of the online workplace safety training is called PMA online classes overview

Instructions for employees on how to access and use the website is called How to Access Online Training

A list of courses available on ResourceNOW's website is called PMA ResourceNOW Courses

A list of courses available on PMA Websource's website is called PMA Websource Courses

We do not recommend the use of exercise balls as replacements for ergonomic office chairs purchased by vendors on contract with the Office of Purchasing and Contracting.

If you have any questions or difficulty with the online training system, please contact the Vermont Office of Risk Management at or 802-828-2899 or the Risk Control Technical Coordinator at PMA at 203-679-3827 or