Health Care Reform

Affordable, accessible and quality health care is essential for the well-being of Vermonters.  Recognizing this fact, since 2006, Vermont has implemented a series of reforms designed to increase access to, improve the quality and contain the cost of health care for Vermonters. 

The strategic plan is intended to guide state government in implementing a health care agenda and follow the guidance provided by the legislature in Act 48.  That state’s current health reform plan builds on progress already made over more than two decades to expand and improve health insurance coverage in Vermont, improve fairness in our insurance market, and fundamentally redesign and improve our primary care system.

In the next phase of health reform, the goals are to:

  • Reduce health care costs and cost growth;
  • Assure that all Vermonters have access to and coverage for high-quality health care (health care includes mental and physical health and substance abuse treatment);
  • Support improvements in the health of Vermont’s population; and
  • Assure greater fairness and equity in how we pay for health care.

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