ERP Expansion Project

Project Overview

The Agency of Administration has embarked on an important project to upgrade the State’s Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials (VISION) systems.  HCM is a tool used by the State to manage human resource related activity and VISION serves as the basis for our accounting system.  Both of these systems are Oracle/PeopleSoft applications. As many of you are aware, our current systems for managing employee data and processing payroll are largely manual processes which lack flexibility and pose a risk for consistent, reliable operations. There will be significant changes at project completion, (most notably in the areas of time and expense, employee self-service, and recruiting), and the benefits will be extensive.

The primary objective of this project is to replace the outdated Paradox time and expense capture system which entails upgrading HCM to the latest version and adding necessary functionality. Outcomes that will benefit us all include data entry at the source, timely and transparent data which provides better information for managing personal services, and a universal organizational structure that affords a common language across the Agency’s primary systems. Human Resource and Financial operations will be more effective and we will all gain from both leveraging the technology available and overhauling the current business processes. 


Current Activities

The time is now! During the Week of May 14th, each department has been assigned a day to enter time for the May 5 - May 18th pay period in VTHR.

The Expense Module for entering Expense Reports, Travel Authorizations, and Cash Advances is available as of May 13th.